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911 or (918)683-0108


911 or (918)683-0108


911 or (918)683-0108
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The maximum number of absences for classroom sessions is nine. 100% attendance is required for the clinical hours.


  1. A minimum passing score of 80% is required for each exam.
  2. A maximum of three attempts total for each regular exam is allowed in order to obtain the passing 80% grade.
  3. If you are required to retake a failed test a second or third time in order to pass the test, the first grade received on the initial exam will be recorded in the grade book.
  4. If you are absent on a test night, you have 1 week to make it up with an automatic deduction of 15% for being late.
    Failure to make this one-week deadline will cause you to receive a “zero” for that test in the grade book.
  5. No extra credit is given on late or re-takes of exams.
  6. An overall course grade of 80% or greater is required in order to successfully complete the program and to take the final comprehensive exams consisting of:
    • Final written exam
    • Final practical exam (written must be passed to take practical)
  7. Please see full policy manual or your instructor for further information on this program.

In the event of bad weather, call 683-0130 for information regarding cancellations and change of schedule.

Visitors are generally not allowed in the classroom. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

If at any time, you as a student in the Emergency Medical Responder program at MCEMS have a grievance, please submit this in writing, with your signature and date, to the course coordinator. If a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached with the course coordinator, then the appropriate channels above the level of the course coordinator will be consulted.

If a student in the Emergency Medical Responder program at MCEMS is experiencing a problem in the class or clinical setting, the course coordinator may elect to complete a counseling report form. The form will describe the problem and is to be used as a record that the problem was discussed with the student. You as the student will be asked to sign the form and add any comments that you may have. This form will be retained by the course coordinator in the student file.

You may be subject to dismissal from the program if you:

  1. Falsify information pertaining to the course of study or patient information.
  2. Leave an assignment without notifying appropriate personnel.
  3. Violate patient confidentiality
  4. Discriminate in the rendering of patient care services as it relates to human rights and dignity of the individual.
  5. Use profanity in the class or clinical setting.
  6. Indulge in any activity that would jeopardize the health and welfare of a patient.
  7. Fail to maintain adequate performance levels as described in the grading policy.
  8. Receive “unsatisfactory” ratings in the classroom or clinical settings.
  9. Fail to abide by appropriate standards of conduct.
  10. Are caught cheating.
  11. Fail to notify appropriate personnel of absences or tardiness to the clinical sites.
  12. Fail to maintain an 85% overall attendance rate or fail to meet any of the other attendance requirements.
  13. Are intoxicated or otherwise under the influence of other drugs at any time during classroom or clinical times.
  14. Fail to complete coursework or clinical assignments in the allotted time frame.

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